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Apple & Google’s Settlement Offer Rejected Anti-trust Case

Earlier this year Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe reached a proposed settlement with employees for $324.5 million dollars in the current anti-trust case before U.S. District Court, Northern District of California. That settlement was reject by the court for being insufficient. This anti-trust case could end up costing the defendant corporations $9 billion dollars. […]

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Garland ISD H1-B Investigation and Lawsuits

Garland ISD’s foreign teacher hiring and immigration program was supposed to encourage a process through which much needed teachers could be hired from overseas. The ISD was supposed to assist these teachers in getting H1-B status by assisting them with their immigration paperwork. However, because their immigration paperwork was poorly handled many teachers are […]

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Law, Technology and Small Business

Last week Partner Mishty Deb gave a talk on the Best Business Practices for the use of technology in your business and the legal implication of getting and giving information online or through social media. As a Dallas law firm that works with a lot of  small businesses these are some areas where we […]

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EB-5 Business Investor Visas Quota Met

According to State Department’s chief of visa control, Charles Oppenheimer, for the first time in history the entire quota for EB-5 Investor visas for any particular country was met. This meant that no more Chinese National applications for the rest of the fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30. would be accepted/considered as the quota had […]

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Durga Puja 2014

We were delighted and honored to attend the Durga Puja in Houston this year. As this firm was founded by women lawyers it was nice to see that Durga, the ultimate warrior fighting for justice, is personified as a woman and a mother fighting for karmic justice and protecting the pure of heart. Upholding […]

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Filing the Right Type of Patent for Your Product Or Business Model

While you are enjoying your office coffee maker and the wonderful assortment of varieties and flavors that help to get you out of your daily morning funk you may be staring right at one of the most significant IP cases of the past few years. Keurig, a company specializing in coffee makers and their […]

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Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 75th reception at Latino Cultural Center

Members of LaSusa & Deb, PLLC were excited and privileged to attend the 75th annual Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Reception. Highlights included the Pike’s Place exhibit- “Uptown’s Pike Park: Little Jerusalem to Little Mexico, 100 Years of Settlement” and keynote speaker former President Vicente Fox.


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University of North Texas Owes the State $76.5 Million

Last week it was uncovered by auditors that The University of North Texas had altered its payroll numbers in such a way as to get millions extra in State funding than they were entitled to and, now, the state is asking for it back. Early reports indicate some of these extra funds may have […]

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Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC

It was our pleasure to join the attorneys at Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC at their annual firm retreat in Kemah, Houston. Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC has unparalleled expertise in IP law and we are proud to call them colleagues.


For more information about Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC:

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Investors Are Counting On You Renting A Single Family Home

Lately we have been seeing a huge trend towards and interest in investing in single family homes as rentals with large companies like Blackstone Group partnering with companies like Dallas-based Riverstone Residential Group and Tempe-based Treehouse Group to form a new company, called Invitation Homes, to manage its single-family rental business. We have noticed […]

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