Tax for the benfits of slavery… benefits?

Normally the subject of tax law is not all that interesting, but this recent article definitely caught my eye. Did you know that several African countries, 14 (fourteen) to be specific, currently pay taxes to France for the privilege of the French not destroying infrastructure created during colonialism and slavery? Apparently when these former […]

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American Civics Act

Arizona just passed a new law requiring high school students to pass the U.S. Citizenship civics test in order to graduate from high school. To read more about the new law visit the link below:

Arizona 1st In Nation To Require High Schoolers To Pass Civics Test, npr.org

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Net Neutrality- How this legislation can affect your busines

Net neutrality is a hot topic and the outcomes over the recent neutrality debate may have an enormous impact on the entrepreneurial landscape for small businesses by potentially making it harder for new entrants into the internet marketplace.  Don’t understand what net neutrality is or how it will impact your company? Check out this […]

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IRS Tax Fraud

IRS tax imposters are definitely on the rise ranging from calls claiming to the IRS or Treasury Department trying to scam victims out of their identities or their money. Even attorneys at our firm have received these types of fraudulent calls lately. One tip is that the IRS and Treasury Department will never contact you […]

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Garland ISD H1-B Investigation and Lawsuits

Garland ISD’s foreign teacher hiring and immigration program was supposed to encourage a process through which much needed teachers could be hired from overseas. The ISD was supposed to assist these teachers in getting H1-B status by assisting them with their immigration paperwork. However, because their immigration paperwork was poorly handled many teachers are […]

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SCOTUS Upholds Texas Voter ID Laws

As a Dallas based women owned law firm that represents many women and minority owned businesses we were surprised to see the SCOTUS uphold the Texas Voter ID laws. Though this law on its face may not target minorities the reality of its implementation will be in fact the disenfranchisement of minorities disproportionately to […]

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Durga Puja 2014

We were delighted and honored to attend the Durga Puja in Houston this year. As this firm was founded by women lawyers it was nice to see that Durga, the ultimate warrior fighting for justice, is personified as a woman and a mother fighting for karmic justice and protecting the pure of heart. Upholding […]

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Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC

It was our pleasure to join the attorneys at Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC at their annual firm retreat in Kemah, Houston. Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC has unparalleled expertise in IP law and we are proud to call them colleagues.


For more information about Chowdhury and Georgakis, PC: http://www.cgiplaw.com/Professionals.htm

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Where You Buy Your Next House Could Be Changing American Politics

Personal observation has let me to believe that is human nature to find and seek comfort amongst those with like ideas and lifestyles. On its face there doesn’t seem anything wrong with this basic instinct. However, now in a world where increasing amounts data is at our fingertips via the internet are we creating […]

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Shout Out from DJ Lamont MC

So proud that our partners Raney and Mishty got a shout out from DJ Lamont MC.
The Blog does not create an attorney client relationship. LaSusa & Deb, PLLC is a law firm and the contents of this blog may contain legal information, but such information does not create a relationship between the reader and […]

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