Dallas Real Estate Attorneys


Our experienced Dallas Real Estate Attorneys have established themselves as one of Texas’ premier group of lawyers practicing in the complex areas of real estate development, acquisitions, purchases, and construction.

In addition, our Texas real estate lawyers have extensive experience in oil and gas real estate matters as well as negotiating water rights and mineral rights.

If you are contemplating a real estate transaction in Texas, call our experienced real estate attorneys in Dallas today.


More About Dallas, Texas Real Estate Law


The real estate lawyers in our Dallas law firm have expertise in all areas of real estate law including zoning, commercial leases, buying or selling real estate, HOA disputes, lease disputes, easements, evictions, adverse possession, eminent domain, brokerage representation, mortgage and deed of trust disputes, and real estate fraud cases.

When one of our client’s is faced with tough legal challenges that are unique to Texas real estate, we draw from our experience as both litigators and real estate professionals in providing personalized and professional legal solutions and counsel.


Dallas Business Lawyers


Whether you are buying a franchise, buying a business, or starting one, consulting with one of our professional real estate and business attorneys will allow you to make sound business decisions once we guide you through the legal challenges and potential pitfalls of the often complex legal side of real estate.


Why Hire Us As Your Real Estate Attorney?


Since we have knowledge and experience in all types of real estate matters, we have been able to represent property owners, landlords, tenants, public companies, refineries, and oil and gas conglomerates. As Dallas litigation and real estate attorneys, we have a proven track record winning cases in all Dallas Courts, and this firm has also been successful in obtaining many judgments for our clients at trial.

Want to know more about the real estate legal services that we offer? Pick up the phone and call us today. We will evaluate your case and determine the best course of legal action.