Dallas Tax Lawyers


Our local Dallas Texas tax lawyers have helped many Texans receive tax relief from their IRS problems, and our Dallas business attorneys can help counsel you starting today.

The Internal Revenue Service or IRS bases your obligation to pay taxes from the tax codes. Most levies and tax liens stem from taxes that were not paid from realized gross income. Since our tax lawyers are skilled in determining what you may owe the IRS, we are prepared to defend you in Court or prepare an Offer in Compromise.

To better understand how much you owe, our Texas IRS lawyers will counsel you on what you can expect in terms of debt relief.


Our Dallas Tax Attorneys Can Defend Your Tax Liability


If mounting penalties and Interest keep you up at night, rest assured that our tax and business lawyers will work tirelessly for you. As a general rule, you are taxed on gross income, minus deductions. Any accession to wealth is usually income which you are expected to pay taxes on. Any Accession to Wealth is any increase in net worth. Gross income is defined any accession to wealth, clearly realized over time, with which the taxpayer has dominion and control. The problem becomes that the burden is on the taxpayer to find an exemption within the code that excludes something from gross income – and that’s where most people get into trouble.

At our Dallas, Texas Tax Law Firm, we can advise you properly on your IRS troubles because our legal team of professional and experienced tax attorneys is on your side – the taxpayer’s side. We all pay taxes at some point, but because we are local Dallas business lawyers, we understand that you want to talk to someone in person. We are here in Dallas and we want to help. We are not an office with a 1-800 number in another state. Call us today to resolve your tax problems – and get some well-deserved sleep.