4 Things A Dallas Patent Attorney Can Do For You

Dallas patent attorney

Individuals and businesses, who have an invention, often know that patents are the best way to protect their invention. But what many don’t know is how to go about securing a patent that is solid and will offer the level of protection required.

You may need a patent attorney to help you every step of the way.

It can even be a business necessity for many companies, take a look at the leaders of industry. IBM secured over 8,000 patents in 2016 alone.

Even if you know the basics, patent law changes. The Supreme Court has been considering making it easier to challenge questionable patents.

Patent law is unique. Here are 4 things a Dallas patent attorney can do for you:

1. A Patent Attorney Offers Expertise

Patent attorneys are specialist lawyers who only work on patent matters. Even if you are working with a law firm that offers a suite of services, your patent lawyer will offer a different level of focus.

These lawyers often have a background in science, technology, or engineering. As a result, they can navigate both the legal and technical complexities of patent law to protect your best interests.

For many clients, the first requirement is having someone on their side that knows the difference between patent law and traditional legal issues. The level of expertise will help you decide how to proceed in any situation involving patents. Most importantly they can help you determine if filing for a patent is even a good idea for your business.

2. Securing a Patent

Securing a patent is oftentimes a difficult task for individuals and businesses that have no experience or background in patent law. With all of the other businesses trying to secure patents, one misstep could mean losing the rights to your invention.

Filing your patent incorrect can result in some other entity being able to secure the rights to your invention or design around your invention in such a way they don’t have to get your permission to make a product that does the exact same thing.

Securing a patent requires filing documents and organizing information in a way that creates a compelling argument to the Patent Office. It also requires clearly distinguishing yourself from previous inventions. Making a mistake can mean being blocked from getting a patent at all.

A patent attorney will help perform these tasks so you can secure a patent and protect your investment. Patent filing is very sensitive. Remember if you wait to long to file for a patent then you may not be eligible to file for a patent at all. 

3. Protect a Patent

Another reason a patent is so important is that it offers you protection. But that doesn’t always deter competitors from violating patent law. In the case of patent infringement, a patent attorney will help file litigation, decide on how to proceed, and will navigate the required documentation and legal issues.

Without a qualified patent attorney to depend on, you are likely to lose the full benefits of having a patent in the first place. They help protect the patent going forward as well.

4. Licensing your Patent

Once you have your patent you may want or need to license your patent to others. This is often the most lucrative way to make money once you have secured your patent. A good patent attorney can often help you draft and negotiate your patent licensing agreements.

Get the Best Legal Support

While not every case of intellectual property, or business law, requires a patent attorney, their help can be invaluable in many cases. Since most patent attorneys focus solely on patent law it is often very useful to have lawyers, who are also familiar with commercial and business law that surround your patent issues. LaSusa and Deb can help. We are a women-owned full-service law firm serving clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding cities.

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