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Adoption: The Basics – Types of Adoptions

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This article’s purpose is to list the types of adoptions out there so that you have that knowledge under you belt. In general, adoptions can be divided into two large categories. Within those two large categories, there are subcategories which are listed below. The two large categories are: (1) Domestic adoptions and (2) International adoptions. When researching the process and reading about adoptions it is important to know, which category you will fall under.

Domestic Adoptions

Under domestic adoptions, there are several subcategories:

  1. Adult adoptions – where you are trying to adopt someone who is over 18 years old.
  2. Stepparent adoptions – where the stepparent is trying to adopt their stepchild.
  3. Private adoptions – adoption of children in the country
  4. CPS/Foster care adoptions – adoption through the child protective services and foster care systems.

International Adoptions

Compared to domestic adoptions international adoptions are pretty complicated. Once you know the category for your international adoption you will know what steps you need to take. The following are the different categories of international adoptions (note: unlike domestic adoptions, international adoption categories really depend on what country you are adopting from):

  1. Hague Adoptions – Many countries have signed onto the Hague Adoption Convention. It provides for specific requirements that must be complied with for one to adopt.
  2. Non-Hague Adoptions (or Orphan Adoption process) – if the country is not signed on with the Hague Convention, there are different processes that you need comply with.

The laws that must be complied with in international adoptions are: (1) United States Federal adoption laws; (2) the adoption laws of your state; and (3) the adoption laws of the country you are adopting from.

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