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Business conflicts often arise when clear written agreements are not put into place at the outset of a company formation or business deal. To minimize the risk of litigation, we can help you draft comprehensive legal documents that will protect your interests.

When a dispute does occur, it is important to seek professional guidance. We understand that while it is sometimes necessary, litigation is usually not our clients’ preferred course of action. Our attorneys are here to provide legal counsel and will help you minimize your financial cost by working hard to settle cases and explore alternative dispute resolution methods when possible.

At LaSusa & Deb, we work on a variety of business litigation cases, including fraud, partnership disputes, breach of contract, employment litigation, trademark and intellectual property, trade secrets, franchise litigation, and business torts. We find that most business litigation cases stem from a breach of contract, which is why work with you to take preventative measures from the very beginning, carefully crafting contracts and agreements to avoid potential problems.

However, even with the most carefully designed contracts and documents in place, business conflicts can still arise. If you believe an agreement has been breached or fraud has been committed, you should seek legal support. A skilled attorney can help you plan an approach that will protect your interests and preferably resolve the dispute with minimal legal action.

If you have a question or need legal advice about a business dispute, give us a call, or send us an email. We will be happy to talk with you and find a course of action that works for you and your business.

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