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Art and Law Newsletter: India’s Ministry of Culture signs new agreement with the Met

By June 23, 2013October 8th, 2018No Comments

On March 19, 2013 an agreement between the Metropolitan Museum of Art and India’s Ministry of Culture was signed in New Delhi. Under the auspices of this new agreement, the two institutions will cooperate in areas such as public education, conservation, academic research, and exhibition through short- and long-term loans. One exhibition already being planned will be a large collection of works from the Deccan region of India, scheduled to open at the Met in spring of 2015. This exhibition, which is provisionally titled “The Art of India’s Deccan Sultans, ca. 1500-1700,” will feature nearly 150 works and will focus on the region’s multicultural influences. Another early program to come from this agreement is the Indian Conservation Pilot Program. This program will promote conservation and education through fellowships, seminars, and initiatives at museums throughout India.

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