Where You Buy Your Next House Could Be Changing American Politics

Personal observation has let me to believe that is human nature to find and seek comfort amongst those with like ideas and lifestyles. On its face there doesn’t seem anything wrong with this basic instinct. However, now in a world where increasing amounts data is at our fingertips via the internet are we creating a world in which we only choose to live with those of our own tribe? After all with a quick internet search I can see exactly who lives in the neighborhood, their ethnicity, their income, their education levels, etc. Thus, creating a world of self segregation where we can choose to believe that our beliefs are in the majority because we surround ourselves with like thinkers.  Some sociologist believe that this lessening of interaction with a diversity of thinking in our daily lives leads to polarization of politics on a national level. Frankly the idea of politics being even more polarized than they already is more than a little troubling.

An interesting and somewhat scary article I came across in the archives of the NY Times points to the unintended consequences of having so much data at our finger-tips when buying our new home means that we might choose only to live with those of the same race or religion or value or income. While some of these information portals may be on the edge of violating Fair Housing laws it seems that right now this trend is only growing. Even I have to admit that if I were buying a home I would want to know everything I could about the neighborhood, wouldn’t you?

For more information about different companies offering different types of data to new homebuyers see: