Business litigation, divorce, custody, probate,
dispute resolution training, insurance & personal injury.

Business Law

Forming an entity or partnership, choosing a
jurisdiction, acquisitions and dissolutions.

Business Litigation

Fraud, partnership disputes, breach of contract
and franchise litigation.

Business Immigration Law

EB-5 Investor Visas, Treaty Visas, National Interest
Waivers and Student Visas.

Family Immigration Law

Green Cards and Visas for Relatives of U.S. Citizens
and Permanent Residents.

Family Law

Marriage, divorce, civil unions, domestic
partnerships and child custody matters.

Estate Planning & Probate

Ensure security for your family and protect your wealth.

Intellectual Property Law

Protect your patent, product, or idea
and Intellectual Property litigation.

Real Estate Law

Purchases, acquisitions, sales, construction,
landlord/tenant disputes and property tax.

Nonprofit Law

Liability protection, compliance, taxation
and employment issues.

Traffic Tickets

Reduce or dismiss fines, penalties and charges.


Reduce or dismiss fines, penalties and charges.