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In today’s increasingly connected world, it is important to ensure your patents, trademarks, and copyrights are protected. Infringement can cause significant financial damage to your business and can affect the future of your company, so it is crucial to have a legal representative on your side who is persistent, knowledgeable in IP litigation, and understands your business goals.

Licensing and IP Contracts

Looking to capitalize on your new idea? Maybe you want to license your product, idea, or trademark, so you can make money and others can put in the sweat equity, marketing, manufacturing, sales, etc. Maybe you want to get investors or loans, but are afraid someone will steal your idea.

Our Texas IP attorneys can also help you avoid IP litigation by advising you on how to avoid trademark or patent lawsuits in commercials and advertising. If you are the owner any type of Intellectual property and plan to do advertising or use social media, or are looking to get investors for your idea without giving your ideas away call our Dallas IP Law Firm for a consultation to explain your rights and help you draft a media campaign, contract, NDA, licensing agreement or other IP contracts.

IP Litigation

If you thought it up, you own it right? The top most visited websites in the world (Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo!) all have one thing in common: they all have images and lots of them. So what happens when someone steals your trademarked image and uses it for commercial gain? What if someone is using your patented product or process? It’s an intellectual property issue. The unauthorized use of one’s name or likeness for commercial gain is a violation of a person’s right of privacy, but what if your trademark, your brand, or your copyrighted material is misused on social media websites or some other site on the internet?

The attorneys at LaSusa & Deb, PLLC are skilled Dallas IP lawyers that understand that your trademark or other intellectual property is exclusively yours and that you have the right to decide who can and cannot use your IP. You can also decide to put a stop to someone who is using a similar trademark or patent that causes market confusion.

Our Dallas IP Attorneys have handled numerous IP cases and contracts, and are well prepared to help you through any intellectual property issues you may have. Give us a call, or send us an email. We are happy to talk with you about a course of action that works for your specific case.

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