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Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are many different avenues to creating one. Because the law is constantly changing in these areas families can find these types of matters daunting and confusing. Let us be an advocate for you and your family.


Adoptions can be momentous and joyous events. However, the process of legally adopting can be difficult and time-consuming because of the technicalities involved in legal adoption cases. We want to be a part of helping you officially add a member to your family. We are here to ease the stress and guide you. Our goal is to make the process simpler so it can be a more positive experience.


Surrogacy can be another avenue that is now open to families. Gestational Surrogacy is permitted under Texas by Tex. Fam. Code §160-751 through §160-763, which authorizes gestational surrogacy for married intended parents, who follow the procedures specified in the statute including having their gestational carrier agreement validated by a court before birth. Although Texas surrogacy laws only apply to specifically intended parents, who are married, Texas courts have upheld and validated surrogacy agreements involving unmarried couples and single parents. Having an attorney to help you review and understand the Gestational Agreement will ensure the agreement is valid, appropriate and it contains the terms that you want.


Sperm or Egg donations have become quite prevalent in the last decade. Various agreements can be made with individuals in regards to such donations, especially if you are not going to go through a fertility bank. Various legal questions may arise and many aspects need to be considered when considering a donor agreement, such as if you or your future child will want contact with the donor. We are here to help you consider all possibilities and give you advice on what the law is in this area. If you need assistance with drafting or negotiating a donor agreement, please reach out to us.

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