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Family Immigration Law

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Immigration laws and procedures change every time Congress gets a chance to vote on the subject. And when immigration laws change, you expect your immigration lawyer to knowledgeably represent you. Why? Because your future is in their hands.

We understand that US immigration law is confusing, so we personally and professionally represent you through the immigration legal maze. Whether you are applying for a Green Card (permanent residency) or citizenship, we know that every case is unique.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in family based immigration matters and are prepared to help you with Student Visas, Green Cards, K-3 and K-4 Visas, Fiancé(e) Visas, FOIA Requests, Writs of Mandamus, and International Adoptions.

Green Cards

If you are the spouse, minor child, or parent of a U.S. Citizen, or the spouse or child of a lawful permanent resident,  you may be eligible for permanent resident status. There are certain requirements you must meet in order to obtain this status. For example, you must properly file the correct forms and be present within the United States when filing, meet certain health requirements, not have multiple criminal convictions, etc. Because of the complexity of these requirements, it is extremely important to work with an immigration lawyer to ensure that you properly and carefully complete the correct forms at the right time.

If you have questions about family based immigration or your eligibility for permanent resident status, give us a call today.

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