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A comprehensive will and estate plan ensures security for your family and protects your wealth and your legacy. Our team can help you create a plan that meets your desires and your family’s needs, including important legal documents and determining power of attorney, guardianship, and other financial responsibilities.

Estate Planning

Often, when you think about estate planning, you might only think about creating a will or a family trust, but an estate plan encompasses much more than that. Other considerations include determining guardianship for children, deciding on medical power of attorney, selecting an executor of your will, and choosing trustees for a family trust.

We Work With You

These decisions can seem overwhelming, and it is helpful to have an experienced attorney to offer guidance throughout the process. Every individual and family’s needs are different, so we take time to ask the right questions in order to design a plan that protects your estate and honors your wishes.

Choosing a person you can trust to handle your affairs during a stressful and emotional time. We offer guidance for selecting a guardian of your will or executor of your will or trustee for your trust. At each step during the process, we explain the document, the purpose of the document, and when the document would be needed.


Our goal is to ensure you are completely prepared, and your family is taken care of, should a sudden event occur. To avoid court-appointed guardianship, we work with you to complete necessary documents, such as medical power of attorney, and review your estate plan to verify everything is in order.

Misunderstandings can easily occur if roles are not clearly outlined in your estate plan. One way to eliminate confusion, especially for divorced and blended families, is to create individualized estate plans for all family members, and we will work closely with you and your family to design a plan that fits your unique needs and desires.

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