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Sharia law in Texas

Religious freedoms at the state level, the separation of church and state have been hot topics for new proposed anti-sharia legislation. In case you haven’t been following, this recent article from the Dallas Morning News provides a good summarization of the current political landscape and the different political players driving these proposed laws: Dallas Morning […]

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Net Neutrality- How this legislation can affect your busines

Net neutrality is a hot topic and the outcomes over the recent neutrality debate may have an enormous impact on the entrepreneurial landscape for small businesses by potentially making it harder for new entrants into the internet marketplace.  Don’t understand what net neutrality is or how it will impact your company? Check out this […]

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An Orangutan Gets a New Home for Christmas

Argentina has set a worldwide precedent in the field of animal rights law. It is the first country to recognize a category of animals, in this case Great Apes, as having rights. Previously animals in Argentina were legally treated like chattel or property, similar to the way animals are treated under the law here […]

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A Cautionary Tale for Museums

Unfortunately, in this day of tight museum budgets the risk to museums when taking gifts or donations without spending the appropriate time and resources to do the proper due diligence is considerable. Even under the best circumstances there is always an inherent risk when dealing with art from art rich resource poor countries in […]

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Alternatives to H1B visas

Many looking to stay or come to this country are unable to find a sponsoring employer under the H1-b program. They may consider these two alternatives amongst others. See this immigration informational video from LaSusa and Deb, PLLC partner Mishty Deb.


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Family Based Immigration Reform and the President’s Executive Order

Do you have questions about Family based immigration reforms based on President Obama’s new executive order? LaSusa and Deb, PLLC has created a short video to explain what the executive order means for family based immigration.

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Public Service Announcements Regarding Immigration Fraud

As immigration attorneys and members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, we expect that President Obama’s declaration of new Executive Orders regarding immigration will unfortunately result in an increased amount of immigration fraud. Many less scrupulous individuals will try to take advantage of people promising things that may not be possible despite the new […]

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Some Key Points of Immigration Executive Order

The new executive orders President Obama has proposed will make a significant impact on many families and businesses. Though the details are yet to be established here are a few of the key highlights:

For Businesses:

Ensuring that job-creating entrepreneurs have legal means to enter and operate in the U.S.
Increasing access for university affiliated businesses to […]

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President’s Immigration Accountability Executive Actions

We at LaSusa and Deb, PllC welcome the President Obama’s announcement of his planned administrative action to ameliorate some of the harm done by our immigration system in the absence of Congressional action. As members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, we see how the status quo has affect families and businesses. While these […]

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IRS Tax Fraud

IRS tax imposters are definitely on the rise ranging from calls claiming to the IRS or Treasury Department trying to scam victims out of their identities or their money. Even attorneys at our firm have received these types of fraudulent calls lately. One tip is that the IRS and Treasury Department will never contact you […]

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