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Apple’s Loss in China a Win for Business Protecting IP Overseas?

By September 20, 2014 No Comments

Recently Forbes magazine contributor Tim Wortsall wrote an article about the importance of China protecting domestic IP. He posits that this recent case of Apple losing its IP case on its voice application Siri, shows a glimmer of hope. Why? Because while countries like China have no IP of their own to protect it is to their benefit to not enforce IP rights within its borders and allow Chinese companies and individuals to infringe without consequence. But, once Chinese companies start having IP of their own that they want to protect and keep the U.S. and other countries from ripping off they might start singing a different i-tune. Wortsall suspect that we might slowly start to see a trend where notorious IP violating counties toughen up their enforcement when they start to benefit from enforcement themselves.

To read Tim Wortsall article see:

Why Apple Losing a Siri Patent Case in China is Great News for Intellectual Property Holders Everywhere

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