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Art and Law Newsletter: New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art under fire for allegedly misleading admissions policy

By June 23, 2013October 8th, 2018No Comments

The Met, located in New York’s famous Central Park, is facing legal action for the second time in only 4 months over its admission fee policy. The museum and the city have an agreement which allows the museum to occupy city-owned land rent free, provided the public may enter free of charge several days during the week. Visitors are greeted with signs reading “Admissions Recommended,” which some argue are intentionally misleading and which suggest that an entry fee is required. Cases were filed in November of last year and again this spring, alleging that this signage violates the Met’s agreement with the city. In a statement by the museum’s Director and CEO, the Met denies the ambiguity of the signs and states that this “recommended admissions” policy was actually agreed to by the City of New York. It remains to be seen whether the signs will have to be removed or reworded.

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