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Fine Art at CostCo?

By November 19, 2012October 8th, 2018No Comments

Costco is now returning to the arena of high dollar art. Now so far we have not seen any million dollar pieces, but there are prints and lithographs from names like Matisse and Chagall. There are also original paintings from artist like Johnny Botts and original collage pieces from the likes of Hilary Williams.
What makes this even more interesting is that Costco is willing to take the risk of re-entering this market with new collaborator Greg Moors of Art For Action base in San Francisco ( Why? Back in 2006 Costco sold Picassos that were later found to be of questionable authenticity. You can read more about the incident at:New York Times Article: Picasso’s Daughter Says Drawing Is a Fake
Of course Costco is not the first retail chain to enter the world of high dollar art. The department store Sears sold more than 50,000 pieces of art  from the Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art from 1962-1971. In fact there is a very interesting YouTube clip of the Sear’s employee training related to the sale of the Vincent Price Collection (Watch it at:Youtube Vincent Price Collection.)
You can read more about this story at: Studio 360- Big Box Retailers Get Into Art Marketand see the collection yourself: Costco Fine Art Collection

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